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Kris and Carolina Hurst

After buying five homes in Napa over the last 15 years. We can honestly say that we couldn't have bought our last home without Karen. After a year and a half and two other agents, it took Karen to finally close the deal. Karen was highly recommended from a friend, as an agent who knew all the ins and outs of the Napa market, and was highly respected in the real-estate community. This was an accurate account of Karen. As complicated clients( we reside outside the USA) with a complicated property; Karen made it happen. She talked us through all the workings of a REO and helped us negotiate a biding war. Not only did Karen help us get our offer excepted, Karen went above and beyond. In today's market it is a must to have a good agent on your side, you can be assured with Karen that she will do everything necessary to make your sale happen. We strongly recommend Karen. We know you will be happy with her as your agent. We wish you the best