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Finding the Best Properties for Sale in Napa Valley & St Helena


Statistics shows that at least 88% of buyers make use of the Internet when they search for properties for sale.  This is the most convenient source of information for most Napa Valley buyers. A great website provides them with the most up-to-date listing information, price alerts, and market statistics. Real estate agencies and most individual agents have their own websites with ample photos, listing particulars, area information, etc.

The Napa Register or Magazines

This may seem a bit out of date but good ‘ole fashioned print ads can still be a great source for buyers getting a feel for the current market.  Check the real estate classified section of any of Napa Valley & St Helena publications and you will find an abundance of properties for sale. Most of these ads have beautiful color photos meant to draw you in – so let them!  (Then re-check the listing online.)  If nothing else, viewing the classified ads can help you get a snapshot view of the winter Napa Valley St Helena market – and can help you determine what listing agents or agencies are the most active in your target location.


Napa Real Estate Agent/ Offices

I may be a bit biased here, but this last tip is the most sure-fire of all: finding the right agent.  Establishing a relationship with a well-networked real estate agent will make your search for Napa properties for sale easier, smoother, and vastly more productive. A well-informed agent is your singular best asset during the home hunt.  He or she can explain and answer all your questions about the properties for sale you see online or in the paper, can give you the inside scoop on the neighborhood, the comparables, the potential resale or long term value.  The right agent will have seen hundreds – likely thousands – of homes in Napa.  Putting that experience and market insight to work for you couldn’t be easier: I’m right here!