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The Silverado Country Club and Resort is a home to some of the best real estate on it’s 1,200 acre retreat situated in the heart of Napa Valley’s wine country providing members and guests with luxury accommodations, two 18-hole golf courses, tennis courts, pool, meeting facilities and a full featured spa. In addition to enjoying the elegant resort accommodations, you may be interested in purchasing a private home for sale within the Silverado Country Club development including the subdivisions of Silverado Springs, Silverado Highlands and Silverado Estates. Silverado condominiums are also for sale including the Mansion Cottages, Cottage Drive, Oak Creek East, The Grove, Fairways, Creekside and Silverado Oaks.
Silverado Resort accommodations are cottage style suites clustered around the main mansion as well as along the fairways of Silverado’s two golf courses. A variety of resort packages include accommodations, golf and tennis, as well as, spa services. A full service conference center is available for group meetings and celebrations with several indoor meeting rooms. The Grove and Fairways Deck are offered for a wide range of unique outdoor activities.

Condo Rental Management by Silverado Country Club Resorts

All the condominiums in the Silverado Country Club are privately owned. Owners of the Mansion Cottages, Cottage Drive, Oak Creek East and The Grove may elect to include their condo in the resort’s pool of rentals and are managed by Silverado Country Club Resorts. Silverado Country Club Resorts manages the units for a fee which is deducted directly from the revenues received by the owner. Each unit which participates in the rental pool is rated for its condition by Silverado Country Club Resorts as below—from best to least acceptable. Very specific guidelines are given each owner as to what each level requires or what needs to be done to bring that unit up to a better rating.

“1” rating
“2” rating
“3” rating
“4” rating

The “Fairways” condos are rented through an independent management company.

The Creekside and Silverado Oaks condo communities are meant for owner occupied or long-term rental use only. They are not a part of the Silverado Country Club and Resort rental pool or managed by them.

How to Become a Silverado Country Club Member

The first prerequisite for membership is that you own property, a home or condo, within the 1,200 acres of Silverado Country Club’s development. To be a member at Silverado Country Club, the owner must have a membership appurtenant to their property. Most properties do have a membership, but some don’t. If a property has a membership, a new purchaser needs only to pay to Silverado Country Club Resorts the current “transfer fee” within 30 days of the close of escrow. If the property doesn’t have a membership and the buyer wishes to obtain one, the membership needs to be purchased from Silverado Country Club Resorts and currently costs more than double the price of the transfer fee. Once a new owner pays the transfer fee, or purchases a new membership for their property it is not a requirement to “activate” their membership on their property. A membership may be kept inactive indefinitely. However once a membership has been activated, it can no longer be placed on an inactive status except upon special application based on serious impairment of health or death of a spouse.


Once a membership has been activated, monthly dues will be paid to Silverado Country Club Resorts according the following classifications:

Those allowed the use of the golf courses at Silverado are members, their guests (accompanied by the member), resort guests, invited guests of the Resort or members of other qualified, private golf clubs. Silverado Country Club golf courses are not public.


A 16,000 square foot health Spa is available, by appointment, to members of Silverado, their guests, resort guests, invited guests of the Resort and the general public. Additional charges for use of the facility and services apply.

Food and Beverage Facilities

The Main Lounge, Royal Oak, and Silverado Bar & Grill are restaurants and lounges available to guests and the general public at Silverado Country Club and Resort. The Vintner’s Court is a private room for members only. Room service is of course available for in-room guest dining.


Silverado Country Club & Resort FAQ’s


Q: How many homes are in the Silverado Country Club?

A: The are 539 homes in the Silverado Country Club

Q: How many condominiums are in the Silverado Country Club?

A: There are 547 Condominiums in the Silverado Country Club.  There are 358 Clubhouse/Cottage units, 48 Creekside Units, 72 Fairways Units, 38 Silverado Oaks Units and 31 Grove Units.

Q: What are the amenities included for all homeowners at the Silverado Country Club?

A: Unless the homeowner has a club membership, there are no amenities included for property owners except the Silverado Property Owners Association (SPOA), individual condo associations with conveniently located swimming pools, and a controlled environment (CC&R’s).  Club membership includes golf, driving range, tennis, swimming pools, members clubhouse, social activities, discounts at the restaurants, the gold pro shop and the spa.

Q: How does one obtain a golf membership at the Silverado Country Club?

A: All properties located within the Silverado Residential Community are eligible for club membership.  If the current property owner has an active club membership, the membership can be transferred to a new property owner (buyer).  The fee to transfer the membership is $40,000.  The buyer traditionally pays the transfer fee, but it can be negotiated.  If there is not an active membership linked to the property, the property owner or buyer may join by paying an initiation fee of $90,000.

Q: What are the monthly membership charges?

A: Monthly resident dues are $430, monthly social dues are $320 and monthly spa dues are $70-Single, $110-Couple or $155-Family.  Food & beverage quarterly minimum: $230/quarter.

Q: If I decide to rent my condominium, is there an on-site rental program?

A: Yes, Silverado Country Club manages the condominiums.  The company retains 50% of the income generated.

Q: What is the range of rents for a condominium?

A: There are several variables that affect the rental income of a property – rating of the unit, location and personal use of the property.  A 1 bedroom, 1 bath property ranges approximately between $24,000 – $26,000 per year and a 2 bedroom, 2 bath ranges approximately between $28,000 – $39,000 per year.

Q: What are some of the social activities at the Silverado Country Club?

A: Parties, special functions, golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, family activities, holiday parties for children/grand children, dinners at the Member’s Clubhouse, and MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day).  There are 125 social memberships at Silverado Country Club.

Q: How many golf members are there at Silverado Country Club?

A: There are 600 golf memberships at Silverado Country Club.

Q: How do I get more information about Silverado Country Club?

A: Contact Karen Magliocco at (707) 249.1900.  She can answer all of your questions related to property at Silverado Country Club and arrange showings of homes currently for sale in the Silverado Country Club.


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