Marketing of Napa Valley Area homes is a practice that is quickly changing with the times. To get the most exposure for your home (and thus, the best price), Karen Magliocco & Heloisa Felcio of Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley harness all of the technological resources available…

  • We submit your homes listing to the top major real estate websites & search engines (Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com,Google, etc.)
  • We market your home to an international audience from China to Brasil our listings are shown all over the world
  • Advertise on the front page of our website and create a custom site specifically for your home.
  • Create an eye-catching web presence
  • Post multiple, professional photographs of your home on the top real estate websites
  • Host exciting local events to attract home buyers and real estate agents
  • Pursue traditional & new real estate marketing strategies

Once we attract interested buyer(s) to your home, we follow through. We keep agents and buyers updated with e-flyers and actively collect feedback from buyers and real estate brokers to tweak the marketability of your Napa Valley home.


Negotiation is the beginning of the nitty-gritty part of selling a Napa Valley home.  To ensure a smooth, transaction with favorable terms for you, we will…

Investigate to insure the buyer can close in this uncertain mortgage market
Arrange for warranty, inspections, loan documents and contingency removals
Develop a clear and binding contract
Acquire the highest price for home

Make every effort to avoid future litigation


Closing is daunting, but a critical step in selling your Napa Valley home. With the mass of legal paperwork, hidden caveats, required documents and state and city specific laws, it can be easy for home sellers to feel overwhelmed. We’ll arrange for all of the necessary documents, go over all of the legal home seller paperwork with you, and read all the fine print to make sure the transaction is smooth and lucrative.

Put Karen Magliocco & the team to work for you, and get your Napa Valley Area home SOLD

In the shortest periord of time
For the greatest amount of cash to you the seller
With the least amount of stress
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